About Us

Mission Statement

Louann Madsen Insurance was created by a panel of insurance specialists to help the average person survive the ruthlessness of the insurance world. We bring you insider tips and advice.


Susan A. Levy (Editor-in-Chief)

Current home insurance executive and editor of this website, Susan enjoys martial arts and yoga in spare own time.

Joe Kuhn (Blog writer)

Joe is a retired insurance consultant. He writes for our blog. He enjoys fine dining and plays chess.

Justin Dinh (Photo editor)

Justin works in graphic design. He is a former insurance salesman and has a big interest in the area. Justin loves to travel.

Advisory Board

Victor M. Erwin PhD

Financial advisor and leading specialist in home insurance.

Thelma B. Harris BA(hons)

Professor of Finance at UCLA.

Angel M. Gaines PhD

Founder of Gaines Insurance and a leading expert in home insurance advice.